Oxymetholone Doses

Oxymetholone doses are far easier to plan than most anabolic steroids. With many steroids there can be a wide gap in total dosing, but this is not the case with this steroid. Oxymetholone carries a sharp falloff point not associated with most steroids. Further, you will find moderate Oxymetholone doses go a long way. This is an extremely powerful steroid, and it wonít take much to see the changes in your physique you desire. As a bonus, as this tablet normally comes in one standard strength, you will find Oxymetholone doses are extremely easy to administer.

Standard Oxymetholone Doses:

In most cases, Oxymetholone doses will surround off-season bulking plans, and in such plans it will normally be used at the beginning as a kick-starter. It can also be used mid-cycle as a plateau buster, but kick starting is the most common point of use. You will almost always find this steroid comes in 50mg strength, and luckily for you the standard Oxymetholone doses will fall in the 50mg per day range. Very few men will need larger Oxymetholone doses; more men will actually need less. While most men will tolerate 50mg per day quite well, if side effects become problematic you could try half a tablet per day.

Increasing Oxymetholone Doses:

If Oxymetholone doses of a 25-50mg per day range are tolerated well, more can be attempted your next cycle if desired. Most men will find this increase to fall in the 75-100mg per day range, but understand the probability of side effects increases significantly with such Oxymetholone doses. The odds will still be in the favor of most men if they take the correct preventative measures, but it will take some effort.

Improper Oxymetholone Doses:


Because Oxymetholone doses of the 75-100mg per day range are so powerful, many men are tempted to take more, but this cannot be recommended. First and foremost, Oxymetholone doses that surpass the 100mg per day range greatly increase the risk of side effects beyond your favor. Further, they do not provide a significant increase in anabolic activity. With most steroids, the more you take the greater the reward, and while the risks also increase so does the reward. This is not the case with this steroid, as over 100mg per day will not yield significant results beyond the 100mg per day mark. Oxymetholone doses that surpass 100mg per day also commonly suppress the individualís appetite, and this is not productive for off-season phases.

Contest Oxymetholone Doses:

While off-season bulking is the most common point of use, many competitive bodybuilders introduce this steroid at the end of their contest prep cycle in order to provide a fuller look on stage. Low Oxymetholone doses are normally all thatís needed; 25mg per day for a few weeks can get the job done. If youíre a positive responder and have had success with this steroid before and know how to control water retention, you can consider 50mg per day. There is no reason or advantage going beyond this dose for this purpose. The only reason youíre using this steroid in this case is to maximize your carb loading phase, and as growth is not a concern low Oxymetholone doses will normally do the trick.

Duration of Oxymetholone Doses:

Regardless of your Oxymetholone doses, the total duration of use will need to be limited to 4-6 weeks. Any use beyond this point will put the liver at risk due to this steroidís extreme hepatotoxic nature. Further, it is highly unlikely you will make any more progress past the 4-6 week mark, meaning, use past this mark will only burden the liver and take you away from the safety of responsible use.